Build Your Dance Confidence and Self-Esteem with powerfull Subliminal Affirmations

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Quality of your dancing depands on the level of your confidence and self-esteem. How confident you are and how you feel about yourself, your body and your dancing is directly related to the thoughts you have. An avarage dancer has 60.000-80.000 thoughts a day.....of which 80% are negative. Thinking that you’re not good enough, doubting yourself and your skills, being unhappy with your dancing, looking for what's wrong with your body, thinking that others are better, more talented, more skilled, thinking that they are dancing and looking better does only one thing.....puts you down and negativeley afects quality of your dancing. 

Unfortunately changing your thoughts from negative to positive used to be an almost impossible task. And that is becouse 90% of thoughts you have are automatic and unconscious... and that means you can’t control them or stop them. Some dancers tried using different techniques to get rid of negative thoughts like for example using positive affirmations. Unfortunately traditional way of using positive affirmations like writing them, saying them out loud or even listening to audio recordings with affirmations most of the time doesn’t work. The reason it doesn’t work is becouse as soon as you hear a positive affirmation like "I'm a great dancer" a critical voice inside your mind jumps in immediately and screams "bullshit...I'm not a good dancer...look at my techniqe or my body.....others are way better then me". And unfortunately that negative voice inside your mind controls what you think about yourself, what you believe, it controls your dancing, perfomance, level of confidence, self-esteem, level of your happiness....basicly it controls your whole life and it can keep your dance career hostage. So now...the 1milion doallar question: Can you get rid of that nasty voice inside your mind? Luckily now you can......with the help of Subliminal Audio recordings.

So what does even Subliminal mean? Well....In simple words it means that there is a way you can trick that nasty, critical voice inside your head and start taking control over your thought. You can finally be in charge of what thoughts will come to you automatically. Sounds exciting? Okey lets see how  does it work? Scientist and psychologists have discover that this nasty voice can not hear at the frequncy of 14.800 Hz. So scientist had an idea to make a special audio recording with positive affirmations converted to that frequency. but at the same time an important part of your brain can perfectly pickup

Is there a scientifc evidence that Subliminal messages work or is it just a placebo?

I had exaclty the same questions. Okey, how much evidence do you need to be convinced? Is 754 scietinfic documents, researces and test enought? Then you luckybeouse guy named .........spend his life on collecting all the data and put together .......

When I firts learned about this I wanted to try it for myself. I got a confidecne sublimnal recordings and it changed my life. The confidence I've developed allowed me to step up with my dancing and led me to wining 3 times national chamioin tiltle and joing Burn The Floor wher I was privilged to percomne onn biggest stages including 20.000 live audirptium in Osaka Japan.

When I stoped dancing I made my mission to bring this powerful tool to a dance world....BTW that's why you’re reading this now. But being extreme I decided to study subject of subliminals myslef and do my own research. I trained to become a transperoanl psychologist and for my main research subject I have choosen programing subconscious mind with subliminal affirmations. I wanted to know und understand everything so I can create world best subliminal affirmations for dancers. 

But now with the help of powerfull Subliminal Technology you can start changing your negative, self doubting thoughts into positive and confident thought with the press of the button. When you use subliminal recordings your brain gets stimulated with 300-350 positive subliminal affirmations per hour. Those positive subliminal affirmations within days will start becoming your automatic thoughts. Soon you will find yourself feeling better about your body, liking your dancing more, feeling confident about your dance technique and rather then getting stressed you will feel exciated about performance in front of the audiance.

What Dancers using Subliminal AUDIO Recordings™ are saying:

Bartek Szkutnik

Polish National Championship BA Finalist

I was getting nervous during competitions. It made me tense and sometimes even frustrated. This affected my performance in negative way. I felt I can’t dance as good as during practice. On top of that I got comments from people  watching my performance that my face during dancing was tense and expressing negative emotions.

I have decide to try Control Stress AUDIO Recordings 4Dancers. After one week I started to feel the difference. During my next competition I not only felt more relaxed but also enjoyed my dancing much more. I got positive comment from people watching my dancing. They said it was pleasure to watch my dance performance.

Our Best Selling Albums 4Dancers™

IMPORTANT!!!    Before you buy our recordings you should learn about Subliminal Technology™ Read below please…

Subliminal Recordings 4Dancers™
Can help you overcome 3 biggest problems:
Stress, poor concentration and negative thinking.

Do you think your physical training is enough?

If you want to succeed in dancing your physical training is not enough. There are many dancers that are strong when it comes to physical aspects of dancing such as movement, coordination, speed, technique, flexibility.

But they are not stro enough when it comes to mental aspects of dancing such as ability to control stress and pressure, concentration, ability to control negative thoughts and emotions. Their performance quality during the competition can be 30-40% lower compare to what they can do during the practice just because they can’t handle stress.

If you want to succeed in dancing you also need advanced mental training that will help you to develop Mind Of The Champion.

How to develop Mind Of The Champion?

If you want to have Mind Of The Champion you need to learn how to control your stress level, concentrate in any situation, and be in charge of your thoughts and emotions. Developing Mind Of The Champion is not easy and takes time, self-discipline and some advanced techniques and methods.

In sport the most popular techniques and methods for Mental Training are: visualisation, relaxation, positive affirmations, goal settings, meditation, hypnosis, NLP, Silva Method and Subliminal Recordings. Out of all this methods and techniques Subliminal Recordings are the most effective and easiest to use. You do not need to learn any new skills and don’t need extra time to use them. All you need to do is listen to special AUDIO recordings like you would listen to regular MUSIC.

As you listen to Subliminal AUDIO Recordings 4Dancers™ two very powerful technologies are working for you helping you reduce stress, improve concentration and control negative thinking. This technologies are:

  • Brain entrainment
  • Subliminal Messages

Brain Entrainment & Subliminal Messages will help you to
reduce stress, improve concentration and control negative thinking.

Brain Entrainment.

Brain entrainment is the effect when your brain is automatically tuning to the frequency of the music it hears. For example: when you play music that has frequency of 7 Hz your brain within 5-10 minutes will slow down and start working on 7 Hz frequency. When you play music with frequency of 15 Hz your brain within minutes will speed up and start working on 15 Hz frequency. This ability of your brain to automatically tune in is called Brain Entrainment.

Our AUDIO Recordings 4Dancers™ use Brain Entrainment technology and have special frequency called Alpha that will lead your stressed and unfocused brain to become more calm and relaxed. After 5-10 minutes of listening your thoughts will become more clear and focused. Brain Entrainment effect will help you achieve two very important things: reduce your stress and improve your concentration.

But that’s not all….Our AUDIO Recordings 4Dancers™ use another powerful technology that can help you overcome negative thinking and negative emotions. It’s known as…

Subliminal Technology™

This powerful technology allows to subliminally record any positive suggestions that can help you think and feel more positive about yourself and your dancing. For example if you feel that you don’t have enough confidence as a dancer you probably often thinking that you are not good enough, that other couples are better. This will make you nervous, unsure and reduce quality of  your performance up to 30-40%.  To stop this negative thinking and build your confidence you would need to use recording with following suggestions :

  • I am very confident
  • I believe in myself
  • I am a great dancer
  • I am mentally strong
  • I have a Mind Of The Champion

But because this positive suggestions are recorded using Subliminal Technology™ they can’t be heard by your conscious, logical mind. Your logical mind will think: “I can’t hear any words, there is only music on this recording” But at the same time other part of your mind called subconscious will hear this positive suggestions very clearly. And this is amazing because subconscious is a part of the brain that is responsible for movement, balance, controlling stress and emotions and confidence. Your subconscious mind is EXACTLY where you want this positive suggestions to go.

Other techniques and methods such as NLP, hypnosis or Silva method are also trying to archive the same effect. But because you can normally hear the voice of the person leading your NLP or hypnosis session they have to put you to sleep or trance first. Only when your conscious, logical mind is asleep person leading the session can tell you positive suggestions hoping they will reach to you subconscious mind. But if your trance is not deep enough or if you do not trust or like the voice of the person leading the session it will simply not work.

Subliminal AUDIO Recordings 4Dancers™ are very powerful
but easy to use…

Just press PLAY

With our Subliminal Recording 4Dancers™ you do not need to go into trance, hypnosis or even believe in positive suggestions. You just press PLAY and Subliminal Technology™ is doing job for you. It usually takes 5-7 days of regularly using recordings before you to start feeling the difference in positive thinking and positive emotions. We recommend completing at least 30 days cycle to experience full benefits of this powerful technology. Of course the more often and longer you will listen to the recordings the greater positive change you will experience.

Listening to Subliminal Recordings™ will help you to be more positive, confident and motivated dancer. That will improve the quality and effectiveness of your everyday training and help you make faster progress in your dancing. But the most important thing is that your ability to stay positive during competition will have huge impact on your dance performance and your competition results.

Improve any aspect of your dancing.

So if you want to improve any aspect of your dancing you just need to choose a specific album from our selection. For example if you would like to be more confident you should choose “Build Your Confidence” album. If you would like to have more flexibility you should choose “Improve Your Flexibility” album.

Each album contains positive subliminal suggestions to improve one specific aspect of your dancing. For example album “Improve your flexibility” will have positive subliminal suggestions such as:

  • My body is flexible
  • I can move with complete freedom
  • Every day I improve my flexibility
  • I move in the most natural way
  • And so on……

Album ” Build your confidence” will have subliminal suggestions such as:

  • I am very confident
  • I believe in myself
  • I am a great dancer
  • I am very talented dancer
  • I have a Mind Of The Champion

With NEW albums released every month your possibilities of improving your dancing are unlimited.

Now you have access to this powerfull Mental Training Tool that was available only to the world class athletes and top performers. Using Subliminal Recordings 4Dancers™ you can start developing Mind Of The Dance Champion TODAY…

What is included with each album?

Each of our ALBUM contains TWO different AUDIO TRACKS:

1. RELAXATION Track – symbol (R)
This Track contains relaxing background music with special Brain Entrainment frequency that will lead your mind into more relaxed and calm state. It will also improve your concentration. This track contains Positive Subliminal Suggestions to stimulate your positive thinking and  positive emotions.

2. SPECIAL SILENT Track – symbol (24)
This track has no background music and no Brain Entrainment technology. It will not have relaxing and focusing effect on you. It contains only Positive Subliminal Suggestions. Because these suggestions are recorded subliminally you will not hear them with your conscious mind. And because there is NO background music on this track you will have illusion that there is nothing on this recording. That’s why this Track is called SILENT.

The advantage of this SILENT recording is that you can listen to it ANYTIME. It will not disturb you during your activities such as travel, cleaning, cooking , reading books, driving car, watching TV, or even during your sleep. So you can listen  to it anytime you want even 24h/day. If you want FAST effects in getting rid of negative thought and emotions this Track is perfect.

NOTE: If you need PROVE that Subliminal messages are in fact on this SILENT track just PLAY recording on computer software that shows level of dB. You will see with your own eyes that even though you will NOT hear any sounds, levels od dB will jump up and down showing clearly that there is “something” on this Track.

How I started with Subliminal Recordings?

Hubert Pierzchalo

Mindset Mentor, Certified Life Coach,
Transpersonal Psychologist, Certified Meditation Teacher

I personally guarantee that Subliminal Recordings™ will help you with you dancing. I have been using them myself when I was a profesional dancer. Subliminal recordings gave me confidence and mental strenght I needed to win Swiss National Champion title 3 times in a row. They gave me the confidence to travel the world and perform on stages in front of 10.000 people.

It was my dream to one day create Library of Subliminal Recordings designed especially for dancers and their specific needs.  We have been working hard on getting all the patented technology, rights and licences required to produce our own Library of recordings.  After years of testing and improving our Recordings 4Dancers™ they are now a main part of our Mindset Training For Dancers.

If you are ready to start using them just send me a message.