Get out of your head and dance with confidence!

"How to stop thinking, worrying, stressing and start dancing with confidence and freedom of expression"

Hi, my name is Hubert Pierzchalo.

I have been professional dancer for over 25 years. I was fortunate to have a successful career, both as a dance competitor and stage dancer. I was 3 times Swiss National Champion in Latin American Dancing, and performed on the biggest stages of the World from Las Vegas Paris Hotel to Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong as a cast member of Dance Show "Burn The Floor".

When I was a dancer and competitor I quickly realised that without confidence, strong believe in myself, super focus and motivation I will never succeed in the dance world. I understood that those are essentiall success skills that I need to learn and develop. Unfortunately this is not a part of dance education. So I realised that I need to figure out and learn those essential success skills myself. And that's exactly what I did...and it was a turning point in my dancing and my life.

After I retired from dancing I dedicated all my time, focus and energy to share my knowledge and experience and turn it into world's best online training for dancers on how to develop confidence, mental strength and achieve ambitious dreams and goals.