Confident Dancer

Subliminal Affirmations

List of Affirmations used in this recording:

  • My confidence grows every day
  • Everyday I feel better about my body
  • I’m focusing on my strengths
  • I’m focusing on unlocking my full dance potential
  • I’m an extraordinary dancer
  • I’m a charismatic dancer
  • I’m confident, calm and focused during my dance training
  • I have great dance technique
  • I feel inspired and motivated during my dance training
  • I’m always improving my skills during the training
  • My teachers, instructors are giving me positive feedback
  • I’m confident, calm and focused during my dance performance
  • I can dance at my full potential during performance
  • Everything flows during my dance performance
  • Audience is impressed with my dancing and performance
  • I have lots of energy and great stamina during my trainings and performances
  • I always dance at 100% of my dance potential from the first to the last second of each dance
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