Hands & Arms

Affirmations & Visalisations

Affirmations & Visalisations

List of positive affirmations used in this AUDIO recordings:

  • I have beautiful arms and hands
  • My arms and hands are feminine and sensual
  • My hands and palms are relaxed and move smoothly and naturally.
  • I have the right tone in my arms and hands.
  • I am very pleased with the progress of arms and hands.
  • Through my arms and hands I express the character and emotions of each dance
  • My back is flexible and creates a wonderful movement of my arms and hands.
  • I create beautiful and strong lines with my hands where it is needed.
  • I lead my arms and hands very elegantly and aesthetically.
  • I am fully focused exercising my arms and hands.
  • I am pleased with myself, with beautiful movement of my hands
  • I am a stunning and attractive woman and dancer with beautiful arms and hands.
  • My arms and hands can be very quick whenever I want.
  • My body moves beautifully and my arms and hands complete this wonderful movement.
  • My hands, palms and wrists make beautiful, feminine gestures.
  • I aware of my arms and hands during dancing.
  • My hands and palms are perfectly connected to my back.
  • I lead my hands well and precisely
  • I beautifully shape my palms and fingers and I'm fully aware of it
  • My wrists are soft and relaxed
  • My hands and wrists are like flexible brushes painting in the space
  • During 30 days I make a tremendous progress with my arms and hands


Visualization is a type of audio recording with positive affirmations that you can actually hear. Since you can hear affirmations on this recording it is not as effective for programming your subconscious mind as subliminal recording that has a special undetactable affirmations at freqiency of 14800 Hz. For programing your subconscious mind use mainly subliminal recordings.

VISUALISTAION recordings on other hand very effectively for:

Mental training. This is a dance training where you only visualise your movement but actually you don’t do any physical activity. (Mental training instructions here)

Arm & Hands SUBLIMINAL (24)

SUBLIMINAL is a type of audio recording that contains positive affirmations that have been convereted to 14800 Hz. That special frequency makes then undetectable to your ear giving you feeling that recording is BLANK and has nothing on it. This is exaclty what we want your crytical mind but perfectly hearable by your subcouncoius mind. This will give you a feeling that recording is BLANK and has nothing on it. To see

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